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Our recent work

Vancouver Island

A small business operating within the fitness niche, focusing on two main objectives: selling a range of high-quality fitness products through their online platform, and offering personalized coaching services to individuals seeking to achieve their fitness goals.

Modern and responsive website for Tenurefi, an Ai powered employee rewards, recognition, and savings program that’s helping companies become the best places to work and do business with.

A Dirac shop is seeking to establish an e-commerce website. We assist them in reaching their objectives and doubling their average conversion rate.

A well-known brand in France within their industry, they were in need of a website redesign that would feature clean, responsive, and optimized pages.

Vancouver Island Cookie stands as one of Vancouver, Canada’s premier cookie shops. Our collaboration involved translating their robust brand into the digital realm through the creation of an exceptional website.

Fred Kamta
Loves designing

About me

My website adventure kicked off when I was just 16, sparked by a friend's site that surprisingly hit the mark. Before I knew it, I was deep in design, crafting for family, and lending local businesses their online start – and the excitement just snowballed.

Learning? Yep, it was all from the wide web. No degree certificates here, just me as a self-made freelancer, putting in those late-night hours to perfect my craft. Through relentless practice, I bridged the gap to match the pros, and heck, I might have even overtaken them.

Around a year back, I teamed up with a bunch of ridiculously talented folks, and we've been on a roll ever since. Our joy? Nurturing real growth for genuine individuals and businesses, pulling in more clients. We've wrapped up countless projects, and along the way, we've fine-tuned strategies that truly push entrepreneurs, artists, and pros to rock their online game.

Why us, you ask? It's that personal twist. Every project? It's like our first – genuine zest, real care, and a distinct experience that can't be duplicated.

- We are a team, not an agency.

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Graphics Design

Web Design

Theme Development

On-page SEO

Article Writing

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We help businesses grow

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William Joel

Cuimed | Owner

Webcaesar knows how to show us off. Our company looks better in the market, and it’s making a difference in our sales pitches. It’s not like working with a company; it’s more like teamwork.

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Emma Allen

Owner | Pamperlily

Our visitor numbers speak for themselves and we get more inquiries from new customers than we ever expected. Their work is much more than just a beautiful design, they bring tangible results.

01 7

Leslie Odom

TenurFi | Marketing

They have positioned our company clearly and attractively in the market. I see this pay off in sales pitches every day. They’ve got the magic touch that goes beyond a good design.

01 10

Dan Racket

Jamulay | Business

Webcaesar nailed it. Our website shines, and our sales are showing it. Their work has propelled our company into the spotlight, attracting attention and generating remarkable results. Thank you very much.


Web design process in five steps

Discovery and Planning​

We begin with a friendly chat to grasp your business goals and essence. We delve into your target audience, studying competitors and trends.

Next, we sketch a roadmap for clarity on upcoming steps.

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Design and Mockups

Visual magic begins. Think of it as planning your web pages' layout, just like a dream home.

Once the blueprint is ready, we infuse it with your brand's style and colors. You'll have a peek, we'll refine till it's perfect.

01 (2)

Time to animate those vibrant mockups! Think LEGO, but with code. Buttons come alive at your touch, images pop up with a click, and you engage visitors.

We ensure your site's beauty and functionality on all devices, making sure everyone can join the fun.

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Testing and Refinement

Like a chef perfects a recipe, we rigorously test your website. We click, scroll, and type to ensure seamless behavior. Bugs? We squash them. Links misbehave? We straighten them.

Imagine your site as a flawlessly baked croissant. That's our goal.

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Launch and Maintenance

Time for the grand reveal! We hit the switch, and voilà! Your site is live. But fret not – we're here for you. We'll guide you in mastering your site, so updates are a breeze.

If issues arise, we're your trusty tech support, always just a message away.

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We are really good at seo

Results from our
seo guy

More traffic 70%

Increased Traffic

Our well-executed SEO strategies lead to higher search engine rankings, driving more organic traffic to your website. Get new customers with no ad spend.

Better rankings 83%

Higher Rankings

We help your website climb the ranks of search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing its visibility and accessibility to potential customers.

Higher conversion rate 57%

Increased Conversion Rates

As your website’s visibility and credibility improve, visitors are more likely to trust and convert into paying customers.

More sales 78%

Better ROI

Organic search results provide a higher return on investment compared to paid advertising, especially over the long term. Run your business with no ad expenses.

Content has to be more than just brillant

It’s not just about creating visually stunning websites; it’s about ensuring your online presence stands out and ranks high.


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Discover a complete package tailored to you. Obtain a professionally designed website that embodies your brand’s essence. Elevate your online presence and capture attention with a stunning and user-friendly interface.

Website design

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Experience a comprehensive solution. Obtain a professional website tailored to your brand identity. Secure a prime spot on Google’s first page within your local area. Enjoy a steady stream of monthly traffic.

The complete package

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Specialized SEO services. Elevate your website’s visibility and secure higher page rankings, ensuring your online presence stands out. Drive targeted traffic and watch your brand thrive in search results

Seo optimization

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